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19 companies in Xiangshan County, Ningbo, produced and sold for the first time

2018-11-06 13:31:21

Ningbo Haishuo Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is working on the installation and commissioning equipment of the 4000 square meter new factory in Chengdong Industrial Park. It is expected to be trial production next month. Another 18,000 square meters plant will start construction and is expected to be put into operation next year. “Last year, the company’s production and sales exceeded 100 million yuan for the first time and it has embarked on a new development platform. After the two projects are put into production, the production capacity will increase several times, which will ensure the rapid growth of performance in the next few years,” said General Manager Dong Donghai.


Last year, a total of 19 companies in Xiangshan County, Ningbo, produced and sold hundreds of millions of yuan for the first time. Haishuo is only one of them. So far, the number of enterprises that have successfully entered the “100 million clubs” in the county has reached 71. According to the analysis of the relevant person in charge of the Xiangshan County Economic Development Bureau, the rapid expansion of the members of the “100 million clubs” is an important achievement of Xiangshan County’s continuous implementation of the industrial strong county strategy. Last year, 19 companies joined forces to make their debut. It was achieved under the general environment of “the unprecedented turmoil in the international situation and the unprecedented complexity of the domestic economic recovery”. Its experience and motivation are more prominent.


Among the 19 new billion-dollar enterprises, there are many pioneers in the emerging industries of Xiangshan County, such as photovoltaic new energy, biotechnology, building materials, and the rising star of traditional industries such as aquatic products processing, auto parts and molds. Zhejiang Zhongda Energy Technology Co., Ltd.'s monocrystalline silicon cell and module production project was established in April last year. At the end of the year, the first phase of the project was put into production and sales reached 100 million yuan, becoming a "black horse" in the industrial enterprise sector.


Xiangshan County has implemented the “1555” development strategy for many years, deepening the “creating 100 million yuan and going up the stairs” activities, introducing special support policies for industrial economic development, focusing on the advantages of policies and funds, encouraging key enterprises to grow and develop, and encouraging leading enterprises in the industry. Stronger and better, encourage mergers, joints, and restructuring, and accelerate the fission expansion of a number of key enterprises.


It is foreseeable that the new energy industry represented by Jinlang New Energy and Qixin Optoelectronics, the new equipment industry led by Daiwei Medical Devices and Lehui Food Manufacturing, with Xiangshen Chemical, Haishuo Bio, Haixin Technology, etc. The five emerging industries, such as new materials, marine life and software information, are developing rapidly, and will become a strong growth point for the industrial economy during the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period in Xiangshan County.


After driving through the mark of 100 million yuan, the next milestone is 500 million and 1 billion. In addition to continuing to maintain the entrepreneurial spirit of the past, it requires a higher and broader vision, wisdom and realm. Yan Donghai said that Haishuo Bio will firmly grasp the great opportunities in the amino acid industry and continuously expand its advantages in process flow, product quality and new product development reserves, and become a leader in the field of pharmaceutical intermediates and food additives. . (Fang Zilong, Zheng Bo)