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The application of amino acids in medical treatment

2018-11-02 13:13:10

Amino acids are mainly used in medicine for the preparation of compound amino acid infusions, as well as therapeutic drugs and for the synthesis of polypeptide drugs. There are more than one hundred and eight kinds of amino acids used as drugs, including 20 kinds of amino acids constituting proteins and more than 100 kinds of amino acids constituting non-proteins.

The compound preparation consisting of a variety of amino acids plays a very important role in modern intravenous nutrition infusion and "factor diet" therapy. It plays an active role in maintaining the nutrition of critically ill patients and saving the lives of patients, and has become an indispensable medical product in modern medical treatment. One.

Amino acids such as glutamic acid, arginine, aspartic acid, cystine and L-dopa can be used alone to treat some diseases, mainly for the treatment of liver diseases, digestive diseases, encephalopathy, cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases and Improve muscle vitality, pediatric nutrition and detoxification. In addition, amino acid derivatives have emerged in the treatment of cancer.